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  • 7/7/15 9:00 am EDT
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch today announced it has been successfully integrated and certified into Fidessa’s Canadian trading platform, giving Fidessa’s Canadian clients the opportunity to access to the BofA Merrill Trader Instinct® suite of trading solutions for the first time. BofA Merrill’s Trader Instinct is a global trading and consulting platform that provides clients access to unique liquidity and the tools to maximizemore...
  • 6/29/15 10:00 am EDT

    Bank of America Survey Reveals Reluctance to Disconnect; Growing Reliance on Mobile Extends to Banking, Payments

    Nearly four in 10 (38 percent) U.S. adult consumers never disconnect from their smartphones, and only 7 percent shut down entirely on vacation, according to a new report released today by Bank of America. In examining everyday use, the majority (89 percent) of adults check their smartphones at least several times a day, and more than one-third (36 percent) report they constantly check their devices. This growing dependency is also visible inmore...
  • 6/26/15 10:34 am EDT
    Bank of America Corporation announced today a redemption notice will be submitted to the property trustee for Barnett Capital III, which will result in the redemption of all $63,805,000 aggregate liquidation amount outstanding of the Floating Rate Capital Securities of Barnett Capital III. The redemption date for these securities will be July 27, 2015, and the cash redemption price to be paid on the redemption date will be $1,000more...
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Francisco Blanch, @BofAML head of Commodities and Derivatives Research, will appear on @BloombergTV @bsurveillance today at 7:15am ET-2 hours 24 min ago
Michelle Meyer, @BofAML deputy head of US Economics, will appear on @SquawkCNBC today at 6:10am ET-3 hours 29 min ago
@chuckmartin #DidYouKnow 34% of consumers would consider/have used their #mobile to make a purchase? Read more: hours 24 min ago
@podcasthero #DidYouKnow nearly 2/3 of consumers frequently use their smartphone to access #socialmedia? Read more: hours 19 min ago
Nearly 2/3 of consumers using #mobilebanking access it at least a few times a week or more. #BofAMobility hours 9 min ago

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