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Bank of America Corporate Materials

Bank of America Corporate Materials

Bank of America corporate b-roll and photos are available for download. New content will be added over time. We welcome your feedback on this page, including suggestions for additional content. Please email any comments or questions to Kathleen Von Bergen.

Corporate B-Roll

1. Bank of America corporate b-roll:

  • 0:00−0:04        Slate

  • 0:05−0:20        Apple Pay™

  • 0:21−1:26        Mobile and Online Banking

  • 1:27−1:49        Bank of America financial center exterior

  • 1:50−2:24        Bank of America financial center interior

  • 2:25−3:12        Bank of America ATM

  • 3:13−3:57        Bank of America signage

2. Mobile Banking:

Mobile and Online Banking Images

Financial Centers and ATMs

To be there when and where our clients need us, we are building a seamless high-tech, high-touch customer experience across all channels, including our financial center and ATM network. Although our clients are using our digital tools more and more, they still rely on in-person conversations with financial center professionals for some of their more complex financial needs, such as buying a home and saving for retirement or college. We are investing in our financial centers, adding more certified professionals and redesigning the floor plan with more private offices where clients can meet with specialists to talk about their financial goals. In addition, the waiting areas will have interactive demonstrations of our financial tools for clients to explore and learn more about all we have to offer. We’re also bringing our clients the next generation of ATM technology, making it easier for them to handle their everyday banking needs.

Cardless ATM Technology

Now at more than half of Bank of America ATMs, customers can make withdrawals using an eligible smartphone. Setup is easy – just upload your eligible Bank of America debit card to your digital wallet.

  1. At the ATM, select your Bank of America debit card in your digital wallet.
  2. Hold your phone over the contactless symbol on the ATM, and access the card in your wallet with the touch of your finger.
  3. Enter your debit card PIN on the ATM and start your transaction.

Bank of America Consumer Spending Snapshot

The Bank of America Consumer Spending Snapshot looks at monthly transaction and spending data and behaviors aggregated from the company’s more than 40 million active credit and debit card accounts.


Travel Survey

Tailgating Survey

2016 Bank of America Tailgating Survey

Holiday Trends Survey

2016 Bank of America Holiday Trends Survey

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