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  • 4/16/15 9:00 am EDT

    Sense of Responsibility for Employees’ Financial Well-being Driving Companies to Broaden Financial Educational Offering and Increase Accessibility

  • 4/15/15 7:00 am EDT

    Results Include $1.0 Billion ($0.06 per Share) in Annual Retirement-eligible Incentive Costs and $0.5 Billion ($0.03 per Share) in Charges to Revenue for Market-related Net Interest Income Adjustments

    Continued Business Momentum

    • Period-end Deposit Balances Increased to Record $1.15 Trillion
    • Originated $17 Billion in First-lien Residential Mortgage Loans and Home Equity Loans
    • Issued 1.2 Million New Credit Cards With 66 Percent Going to Existing Relationship Customers
    • Merrill Edge Brokerage Assets Increased 18 Percent From Q1-14 to $118 Billion
    • Wealth Management Asset Management Fees up 10 Percent From Q1-14 to $2.1 Billion
    • Global Banking Increased Period-end Loans by $6 Billion From Q1-14 to $296 Billion
    • Bank of America Merrill Lynch Firmwide Investment Banking Fees at $1.5 Billion, With Highest Advisory Fees Since the Merrill Lynch Merger

    Continued Progress on Expense Management; Credit Quality Remains Strong

    • Reduced Noninterest Expense Excluding Litigation and Annual Retirement-eligible Incentive Costs by 6 Percent From Q1-14 to $14.3 Billion(A)
    • Number of 60+ Days Delinquent First Mortgage Loans Serviced by Legacy Assets and Servicing Down 45 Percent From Q1-14 to 153,000 Loans
    • Credit Quality Improved With Adjusted Net Charge-offs Down 28 Percent From Q1-14(B)

    Record Capital and Liquidity Levels

    • Estimated Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio Under Basel 3 (Standardized Approach, Fully Phased-in) 10.3 Percent; Advanced Approaches 10.1 Percent(C)
    • Estimated Supplementary Leverage Ratios Above 2018 Required Minimums, With Bank Holding Company at 6.3 Percent and Primary Bank at 7.1 Percent(D)
    • Record Global Excess Liquidity Sources of $478 Billion, up $51 Billion From Q1-14; Time-to-required Funding at 37 Months
    • Consolidated Liquidity Coverage Ratio Exceeds 2017 Requirements(E)
    • Tangible Book Value per Share Increased 7 Percent From Q1-14 to $14.79 per Share(F)
    • Book Value per Share Increased 4 Percent From Q1-14 to $21.66 per Share
  • 4/14/15 8:30 am EDT

    Bonds Seen as Most Overvalued in Survey’s History

  • 4/13/15 9:00 am EDT

    Honors from Barron’s,, Investor’s Business Daily, Customer Service Institute of America and Corporate Insight Reinforce the Value of Merrill Edge’s Offerings