Bank of America Media Contacts

Corporate and Enterprise Communications

Head of Global Media Relations

Jessica Oppenheim

Corporate Finance and Investor Relations

Jerry Dubrowski
Corporate Finance and Investor Relations Media Executive
Phone: 646.855.1195

Chris Feeney
Phone: 980.386.6794

Legal and Public Policy Issues

Bill Halldin
Phone: 916.718.1251

Alliccia Hernandez
Phone: 646.491.1396

Technology and Operations

Mark Pipitone
Technology and Operations Media Executive
Phone: 980.387.4907

Catherine Page
Phone: 704.519.7314

Environment, Social and Governance (includes Human Resources)

John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 646.855.2314

Corporate Philanthropy, Arts and Culture

Vanessa Cook
Phone: 980.683.2247

Environment, Community Development Lending and Investing

Kelly Sapp
Phone: 980.386.9514

Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Military, Real Estate, Procurement and Corporate Security

Eliza Murphy
Phone: 646.855.0683

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Lines of Business

Consumer, Small Business, Merrill, Bank of America Private Bank

Matt Card
Consumer and Wealth Management Media Executive
Phone: 617.434.7388

Digital Banking, Financial Centers, Preferred Rewards, The Academy, Merrill Edge Self-Directed and Merrill Guided Investing

Andy Aldridge
Phone: 980.387.0514

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Bank of America Private Bank

Julia Ehrenfeld
Phone: 646.855.3267

Small Business, Consumer Banking Products and Retirement

Don Vecchiarello
Phone: 980.387.4899

Mortgages, Auto Loans, HELOC, Chief Investment Office and Impact Investing

Susan Atran
Phone: 646.743.0791

Enterprise Payments, Merchant Services and Better Money Habits

Betty Riess
Phone: 415.913.4416

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Global Banking and Global Markets

John Yiannacopoulos
Global Banking and Markets Media Executive
Phone: 646.855.2314

Global Commercial Banking and Business Banking

Anu Ahluwalia
Phone: 646.855.3375

Global Transaction Services and Leasing

Louise Hennessy
Phone: 415.913.3641

Global Capital Markets (AMRS)

John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 646.855.2314

BofA Global Research: Analysts, Strategists, Economists and Research Reports

Melissa Anchan
Phone: 646.532.9241


Alex Robinson
Phone: +44.20.7996.0304

Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities

Gael Gunubu
Phone: +44.20.7996.5625

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U.S. Local Markets

Carla Molina
U.S. Local Markets Executive
Phone: 512.397.2402



Matthew Daily
Phone: 404.607.2844


Diane Wagner
Phone: 312.992.2370


Colleen Haggerty
Phone: 213.621.7414


Britney Sheehan
Phone: 425.467.9744


Arizona Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Arkansas Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
     California Markets Colleen Haggerty 213.621.7414
     San Francisco/East Bay Betty Riess 415.913.4416
Colorado Louise Hennessy 415.913.3641
Connecticut Vanessa Cook 980.683.2247
Delaware Andy Aldridge 980.387.0514
     Florida Markets Matthew Daily 404.607.2844
     Jacksonville, Tallahassee Chris Feeney 980.386.6794
     Georgia Markets Matthew Daily 404.607.2844
     Augusta, Savannah Chris Feeney 980.386.6794
Iowa Bill Halldin 916.724.0093
Idaho Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Illinois Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Indiana Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Kansas Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Kentucky Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Maryland Don Vecchiarello 980.387.4901
Maine Julia Ehrenfeld 646.855.3267
Massachusetts Alliccia Hernandez 646-491-1396
Michigan Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Minnesota Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Missouri Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Nevada Jumana Bauwens 213.345.9134
New Hampshire John Yiannacopoulos 646.855.2314
New Jersey Jerry Dubrowski 646.855.1195
New Mexico Melissa Anchan 646.532.9241
New York
     New York Markets Susan Atran 646.743.0791
     New York City Anu Ahluwalia 646.855.3375
     Long Island Julia Ehrenfeld 646.855.3267
North Carolina
     North Carolina Markets Catherine Page 704.519.7314
     Charlotte Mark Pipitone 980.387.4907
Ohio Diane Wagner 312.992.2370
Oklahoma Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Oregon Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
     Philadelphia Andy Aldridge 980.387.0514
     Pittsburgh Don Vecchiarello 980.387.4901 don.vecchiarello@bofa.c
Rhode Island Alliccia Hernandez 646-491-1396
South Carolina Eliza Murphy 646.855.0683
Tennessee Kelly Sapp 980.386.9514
Texas Carla Molina 512.397.2402
Utah Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Virginia Matt Card 617.434.1388
Washington Britney Sheehan 425.467.9744
Washington, DC Andy Aldridge 980.387.0514

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International Markets



John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 646.855.2314

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Latin America

John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 646.855.2314

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Head of International Communications

John McIvor
Phone: +44.20.7995.8347


Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Global Banking and Global Markets

Victoria Garrod
Phone: +44.20.7995.4437

Global Corporate and Investment Banking, and Equities

Alex Robinson
Phone: +44.20.7996.0304

Global Capital Markets, and Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities

Gael Gunubu
Phone: +44.20.7996.5625


Orla Ryan
Phone: +353.1.619.6042

Environment, Social and Governance, Diversity and Inclusion

Cecilia Cran
Phone: +44.20.7996.5627

Global Transaction Services

Megan Pearson
Phone: +44.20.7995.6977

Global Research: Analysts, Strategists, Economists, and Research Reports

Tomos Rhys Edwards
Phone: +44.20.7995.2763

Alex Fletcher
Phone: +44.20.7996.0823

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Asia Pacific

Paul Scanlon
Phone: +852.3508.3323


Tracy Tong
Phone: +61.2.9225.6627


Linus Chettiar
Phone: +91.22.6632.8513

Kaustubh Kulkarni
Phone: +91.22.6632.8435


Joey Wu
Phone: +81.3.6225.7141

Mariko Hasegawa
Phone: +81.3.6225.7176

North Asia

Mark Tsang
Phone: +852.3508.3366

Tiffany Chen
Phone: +852.3508.3753

Singapore and South East Asia

Bellerina Yeo
Phone: +65.6678.3706

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