Bank of America Media Contacts

Corporate and Enterprise Communications

Jessica Oppenheim
Head of Global Media Relations

Bill Halldin
Phone: 1.916.724.0093


John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 1.646.855.2314


Alex Lawson
Phone: 1.704.387.8291


Technology & Operations Catherine Page Phone: 1.704.519.7314

Lines of Business

Melissa Anchan Phone: 1.646.532.9241
Miranda Caruso Phone: 1.332.238.8374

John Yiannacopoulos
Phone: 1.646.855.2314


Julia Ehrenfeld
Phone: 1.646.855.3267

Matt Card
Phone: 1.617.434.7388


North and South America

Carla Molina
U.S. Local Markets Executive Phone: 1.512.397.2402

International Markets

John McIvor
Head of International Communications
Phone: +44.20.7995.8347

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