Executive Biographies

Brian Moynihan Biography

Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Raul Anaya Biography

President, Business Banking

Dean Athanasia Biography

President, Regional Banking

Aditya Bhasin Biography

Chief Technology and Information Officer

D. Steve Boland Biography

Chief Administrative Officer

Alastair Borthwick Biography

Chief Financial Officer

Len Botkin Biography

Chief Audit Executive

Sheri B. Bronstein Biography

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jim DeMare Biography

President, Global Markets

Geoffrey S. Greener Biography

Chief Risk Officer

Lindsay Hans Biography

President, Merrill Wealth Management

Katy Knox Biography

President, Bank of America Private Bank

Matthew Koder Biography

President, Global Corporate and Investment Banking

Aron Levine Biography

President, Preferred Banking

Bernard Mensah Biography

President of International, Bank of America Chief Executive Officer, MLI

Sharon Miller Biography

President, Business Banking

Lauren Mogensen Biography

Global General Counsel

Holly O’Neill Biography

President, Retail Banking

Eric A. Schimpf Biography

President, Merrill Wealth Management

Tom Scrivener Biography

Chief Operations Executive

Wendy Stewart Biography

President, Global Commercial Banking

Bruce R. Thompson Biography

Vice Chair, Head of Enterprise Credit

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