Press Releases

10/17/19 10:00 am EDT

Analytical Tool Helps Eliminate Guesswork and Complexity for Treasury Departments

Businesses large and small have a common challenge: choosing the best, most efficient payment channels for hundreds or thousands of recipients. Deciding between card, wire, automated clearinghouse (ACH) or supply chain finance depends on the nature of each individual supplier and is a complex, time-consuming task. To address that client need, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has introduced Accounts Payable Optimization. This new solution analyzes a company’s suppliers and determines the most more...
10/17/19 9:00 am EDT

Bank of America and Babson College Research Finds Successful Women Entrepreneurs Face Barriers Beyond Capital, Yet Forge Ahead Through Grit, Resilience and Leadership

Bank of America and Babson College today announced the findings of a new study of women entrepreneurs and how they overcome challenges to business growth beyond venture funding. The study, part of a larger research collaboration between Babson’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) and Bank of America Private Bank, found that women who have built successful companies had to navigate significant gender-based obstacles and, in doing so, created alternate paths to success for more...
10/17/19 3:01 am EDT

Grants Will Provide Funding for 22 Cultural Restoration Projects Across the Globe

Bank of America has today announced today grant funding to 22 major art restoration projects in nine countries and 11 U.S. cities and Puerto Rico through the 2019 Bank of America Art Conservation Project. The project provides grant funding to nonprofit cultural institutions throughout the world to conserve historically or culturally significant works of art that are in danger of deterioration. Since the Art Conservation Project began in 2010, Bank of America has provided grants to conserve more...